Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Birthday: April 25th, 1987
Height: 174cm

 haha.. X)

i cud considered ma self as a new guy of 2pm when i first heard about jaebom's internet controversy.  i was watching their videos at utube and i went baffled with sum people's comment, saying "jaebom plis comeback.." etc. and when i knew that he has left the group and flew back to US, i was lyk "r u kidng me?!". i just starting to love the group and the group has lost its leader. I think at some part people are overreacted and so noisy about the 5year old thang. the reaction was just out of, this happened when he was what, 15/16 years old? what wud you expect a homesick teen wud say?yes i will sticked up for him cus i believe everybody deserves second chance. LOVE Jae, figthin'!!

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